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Exfoliation: Can Facial Scrubs Actually Help With Clear Skin?

To all the scrubs I used to love before, you’re not so bad after all…when used correctly. ?✌️ To kick off our new “love to hate” series, we’ll be dishing out the deets on physical scrubs, why they’re considered “controversial,” and share our take (and favorite products!) on why they can actually be beneficial for our skin. Gasp! P.S., what’s a physical scrub video without mentioning the Voldemort of facial scrubs? ?

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0:00 Intro
1:05 What is Physical Exfoliation & Why do we need to exfoliate?
1:51 Why we love to hate: The side effect of using a scrub
2:57 Why we love to hate: Controversial Ingredients & particle size
4:47 Why we love to hate: Our mentality on how we view scrubs
7:01 What are the benefits of physical exfoliation?
8:48 What about the ingredients (like apricot and walnut powder)?
10:15 Skin Types Suitable for Scrubs
11:09 Skin Types Not Suitable for Scrubs
12:56 Ingredients in Gentle Scrubs
15:21 Gentle scrub: Powder Enzyme
16:11 Favorite Scrubs: Fresh Strawberry Sugar Wash
18:04 Favorite Scrubs: Tatcha The Rice Wash
19:48 Favorite Scrubs: Tatcha The Rice Polish Enzyme Cleanser
20:03 Favorite Scrubs: Suisai & Cell Fusion C
20:24 Favorite Scrubs: Sioris My Soft Grain Scrub
21:04 Favorite Scrubs: Skinfood (Black Sugar Honey & Black Sugar)
22:58 In summary of scrubs
24:10 Thoughtful Parting words from Felili & Rowewe


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