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Which Sunscreen Product Works for Your Skin Type ft. Supergoop CEO Holly Thaggard

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In today’s episode, we sit down with the sunscreen queen herself, Holly Thaggard from Supergoop! to spill all the deets on sunscreens! We’ll be discussing everything from ingredients, layering tips and why there are so many different products out there and how you can navigate your way through all the different types! And of course, we’ll be sharing all the juicy deets on their newest baby, the Daily Dose Vitamin C serum sunscreen! Let us know what you learned in this episode below, and if you have any other questions we can ask Holly in the future! x


0:00 Intro
1:01 Introducing Holly Thaggard!
3:12 Inspiration behind products
7:08 Newcomer Daily Dose
9:07 Challenges When Formulating Daily Dose
12:51 Lesser known finds
16:56 Tips to select best sunscreens
20:09 What does ‘Beauty Within’ mean to you?


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