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NuFace, Foreo Bear, and Ziip Dermatologist Review

NuFace, Foreo Bear, and Ziip – Are they worth the price tag?

Microcurrent devices are all over social media lately, but do they meet the hype check? I review the science on microcurrent devices in this video (in painstaking detail). Let me know your experience with these devices in the comments!

My final thoughts: We need double-blinded randomized controlled trials to evaluate these devices. Here’s how it’s done – Non-working devices are used on the control group and then real devices are used on the treatment group. Next, an INDEPENDENT reviewer that does not know which device was used evaluates the subjects. Unfortunately, when the person evaluating the results knows which subject was treated or which side of the face was treated, this leads to inherent bias and is a much weaker form of investigation!

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