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Don’t Fall For These 5 Skincare MYTHS!

Today we go down skincare memory and mythbust some common misunderstandings about our skincare! Thank you Versed for sponsoring a potion of this video, as we share our personal experiences – with one oily, one dry – and what we learned and personally experienced about these specific skincare claims! Let us know your experiences below!

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Myth #1: Oily Skin Types Can’t Use Facial Oils + Products
11:17 Myth #2: You shouldn’t exfoliate dry skin
14:48 Myth #3: Oily skin should use drying cleansers
17:20 Myth #4: Dry skin is the same as dehydrated skin
20:48 Myth #5: You are stuck with your skin type for life
25:49 What our hosts learned this week

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