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20 Times Celebrity Skincare Made Us Cringe In 2020

20 Times Celebrity Skincare Made Us Cringe In 2020 – Skincare Rewind
What an event full year to look back on, to say the least! Laughing and learning through this year‘s reaction videos has been insightful and inspiring, and I want you to show some amazing love to all of the original videos, and of course, the wonderful creators featured here!

Reacting to Kendall Jenner’s DIY Skincare Routine

Reacting to St Jhn’s Skincare Routine:
@Liah Yoo reacts to her old skincare routine from 4 years ago:
Reacting To Lily Colins Skincare Routine:
Reacting To @James Welsh rubbing ice on his face: COMING SOON (watch the original video here:
Reacting to Lucy Hale’s skincare routine:
I Tried Under $5 Skincare So You Don’t Have To:
@Dr Dray & Her thoughts on different products from The Ordinary!
Goop. Lots of goop. Watch @Cruel World Happy Mind ‘s video here
Jeffree Star Skincare Line:
Reacting to Rihanna’s skincare routine:
Reacting to Tik Tok skincare trends:
Thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Line
Reacting to Kendall Jenner’s DIY Skincare Routine

MLM Skincare. @Kiki Chanel ‘s videos here:
@Hyram Tries Skincare Products He Hates
Parid Hilton Skincare Rotuine Reaction: Stay tuned 😉
Reacting to Kourtnery Kardashian’s Skincare Routine:
Bella Thorne’s Skincare Disaster:
Dermatologist DIY Reaction: stay tuned 😉

Reaction videos that haven’t posted: make sure that you’re subscribed and have the notification bell hit so that you see them when they do come out!

Remember how I said there would be unlisted links for all of the reaction videos I haven’t posted yet? Well, that was my intention. But unfortunately, life has had other plans! I have a library of about 60 videos films that I still have it posted, but they take me forever to add it so I apologize these haven’t been posted sooner!

If you are subscribed and have the notification bell sent to all, you will see them when they first come out. Again, sometimes things take a little bit longer, but one of my goals for the New Year’s is being able to be kinder to myself. So I’m getting them done when I am able to and I appreciate the support, even if it takes a little bit longer!

Love you butterflies!

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