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More SPF TESTING RESULTS | Keep Cool and Soothe SPF value – My Final Thoughts on Korean Sunscreen

Taking a look at some more SPF testing results and sharing with you my fine thoughts on Korean Sunscreen after the Purito and Keep Cool and Soothe scandals.

Hey guys and welcome back to Mad About Skin. I had planned to do todays video as a Live to share with you the true SPF values of some Korean and Japanese sunscreens. However the release of data we were promised didn’t materialise and so instead we will talk through what we know, some of the brands which have passed testing and of course my thoughts on Korean sunscreens going forward.

This video will cover the Korean SPF and Japanese sunscreen testing outcomes, what this means and of course what our options are going forward

I plan on this being the last video I cover on the topic as I think we should all be in a position to be able to form our own thoughts on the brand and the Korean sunscreen industry but I would love to know your thoughts so please leave them in the comments below.

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Korean Institute of Dermatalogical Sciences Video:

Brands Mentioned:
Keep Cool and Soothe
Dear Klairs

Videos Mentioned:

Exposing Keep Cool and Soothe

Skinnies Full Brand Review


00:00 Start
02:10 SPF Testing Results
05:00 What This Means
08:30 Is There a Conspiracy and Coverup
10:00 Conclusion

Wherever you are in the world I hope your staying safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the next video


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