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How To Wax Your Body With Help From A Pro Waxer | Beauty At Home

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Insider’s Caroline Aghajanian is waxing her legs, arms, and upper lip at home using blue hard wax with the help of Eryssa Fisher, an esthetician at Stark Studio in Los Angeles. Materials needed to wax yourself at home include hard wax, a wax warmer, a tin can (optional), wooden waxing sticks, and witch hazel for aftercare. It’s important that the hair you’re waxing is long enough for the wax to hold, at least a quarter of an inch. Make sure the wax is melted entirely and has a brownie-batter consistency. If the wax is too runny, that means it might be too hot and will burn your skin. Always do a small test patch on your skin to check heat levels and any skin reactions. It’s important to always apply the wax going in the direction of the hair growth and to remove the wax by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. When finished waxing, apply witch hazel to the skin and avoid sunlight, swimming, and sweating for a couple of hours.

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Rebecca Carhart from our Insider Reviews team named the Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit as the best at-home waxing option on the market. Read her full review of the kit and other popular waxing products here:

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How To Wax Your Body With Help From A Pro Waxer | Beauty At Home


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