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Rating Skincare from TJ Maxx #shorts

Best & Worst: TJ Maxx (Part 1)

Pore Vacuums: NO! High settings can cause bruising and permanently damage your blood vessels leading to telangiectasias!

Micellar water: YES! Gentle way to remove make-up. Often need to follow with a water based cleanser to really remove all of the make-up though

Neurogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream: YES! Great moisturizer and fragrance-free too!

Essential Oils: NO! Common cause of irritation and allergy, especially when not diluted. Some essential oils have benefits but most are just fragrant and damage the skin!

Overpriced neck creams: NO! The skin on the neck is slightly more sensitive than the face but not nearly as sensitive as the eye area. Most neck creams, like this one, are just anti-aging moisturizers! If you have tech neck (horizontal lines on the neck), go for a retinol, a good moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid, or cosmetic procedures that actually work (Nefertiti neck lift, thermage, and ultherapy)!


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