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Delicious Dairy-Free Recipe with Natural Sugar ? Best Drink for Clear Skin (ft. Mandi Nyambi)

?Our first episode w/ Mandi has everything you need to know about how your gut affects your skin:

Today is another awesome episode with our gal Mandi Nyambi who’s got a background in nutrition and stem cell biology, girl boss of Baalm and author of Fresh Face! So yes, this girl knows wassupp ? In this episode we learn all about eating and drinking for your skin, discuss intuitive eating and what that really means as well as find out why diary, sugar and carbs can affect us all differently! It’s looking through a food based and holistic approach to be able to naturally get healthy, clear and youthful glowing skin. There’s the inside-out approach, but also the outside-in approach and we discuss how we need both sides to work together to really achieve a healthy body.

So instead of telling you, she shows us a delicious and simple pumpkin-oat milk recipe that’s perfect for the gut, for your skin and for overall health! Pumpkin is a popular ingredient also seen in skincare products, and it’s loaded with a ton of essential vitamins that benefit us inside and out. Trust us, this was so delicious we were just looking at each other in shock, and it’s perfect for those chilly days, but also to just enjoy all year round!

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5 winners will receive Mandi’s book Fresh Face, which is like your skincare guardian angel to help you understand your skin, body and even mind! It’s filled with awesome DIY recipes (to eat and to apply topically), skincare routine ideas, information on the anatomy of our skin and body as well as affirmations to get us through each day! To enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is:

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