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SKINCARE BRANDS I CHANGED MY MIND ON | Kylie Skin, Hylamide, St Ives and more

The skincare brands I have changed my mind on in 2020. Brands I hated but now love including Kylie Skin, St Ives, Hylamide and more

Hey guys and welcome back to Mad About Skin where today I am sharing with you some skincare brands which I have changed my mind on, the ones I used to hate but now love.

I think we are all guilty at some point of following the views and opinions of others and allowing out own to be guided by others and so I am recoding this video to put the record straight on some brands which I have changed my mind on in 2020.

These are the brands which I believe deserve a second look and may warrant inclusion in your own skincare routine.

I would love to know what your own experiences are with these brands or any others which you have changed your mind on so please leave me a comment below.

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The following brands are mentioned:

Kylie Skin – From the initial launch of the much maligned walnut scrub through to the more recent launches of the Kylie skin spf and the clarifying collection, all of which are much improved from the original launches. Offering a cruelty free skincare routine for the beginner this is a brand which deserves a second look.

Kylie Skin Website:

Revolution Skincare – The sister brand to Makeup Revolution, this brand had a reputation for being a copycat brand for The Ordinary when it first launched. Recently has been transformed into a cutting edge skincare line offering cruelty free and innovative additions to peoples skin care routines. Certainly worthy of a second look

Revolution Skincare salicylic acid 2%

Revolution Skincare anti- blemish cream

St Ives – Famed for its dreadful St Ives apricot scrub but worth a second look when it comes to their moisturising lotions which are drugstore friendly options for super hydrating products and often great dupes for Cerave, St Ives went cruelty free in 2019 and deserve a second look

St Ives Website:

Frank Body – Famed for its catchy tongue and cheek packaging this brand was written off when their first launch was a coffee scrub. However they have since launched some amazing new products which are worthy of a fresh look. Cruelty free with some great vegan skincare options

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

Frank Body brightening vitamin c mask

Hylamide – A sister brand to The Ordinary and NIOD, Hylamide belongs to the Deciem brands and is a mid priced and mid formulated alternative to the other skincare offerings by Deciem. Initially I was not impressed with the formulations and the offerings but have since discovered some amazing products which will transform the skin and are worth a look.

Hylamide subq skin

Hylamide subq mist

Hylamide photography foundation

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Videos Mentioned:

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Hyram – The Truth About Kylie Skin

Wherever you are in the world I hope you are staying safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the next video


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