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THE TRUTH ABOUT CETAPHIL – Full brand review of the viral skincare sensation Cetaphil

Reviewing Cetaphil and answering claims of it being toxic and harmful in the truth about cetaphil

Hey guys and welcome back to Mad About Skin. Today we talk about Cetaphil, the viral skincare sensation which rivals Cerave and is beloved by skincare influencers such as Hyram and James welsh and dermatologists alike.

However recent comments have started to emerge about the brand being toxic, drying for the skin, irritating and evening damaging and so what is the truth about the brand. In this video we take a close look at the cetaphil cleansers and cetaphil moisturisers and their ingredients and work out once and for all whether it is a brand which should be in your skincare routine.

I would love to know what you think of Cetaphil skincare as a brand and any experience you have had with the brand so please leave me a comment below.

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Products Mentioned:

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
Cetaphil oily skin cleanser
Cetaphil daily defence moisturiser SPF50
Cetaphil gentle foaming cleanser
Cetaphil gentle exfoliating cleanser
Cetaphil PRO cleansing facial wash
Cetaphil rich night cream
Cetaphil daily hydrating moisturiser
Cetaphil PRO moisturising night cream
Cetaphil body cream
Cetaphil body lotion

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Wherever you are in the world I hope you are staying safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.


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