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Top 6 MISLEADING Facts About Skincare LABELS: What You Didn’t Know! (Part 2)

Most skincare, makeup and beauty brands are pushing to achieve a natural, organic and overall clean positioning now that more and more people are becoming interested in what their skincare products are made of and if it’s really benefitting their skin. But did you know, not all natural, organic and clean labels are all what you think they mean? Take cruelty free for example, it’s one of the biggest and popular skincare logo’s out there and sadly, it doesn’t have a lot to back it up. There’s a large grey area when it comes to labelling and packaging, so watch the video to find out more!

Watch Part 1 on ingredients here:

?Skincare Labels & Logo’s ?

Organic [1:00 – 2:02]
3 Types of Organic:
?100% Organic
?Made with Organic Ingredients

Non-Comedogenic [2:03 – 4:11]
?’comedogenic’ means the product shouldn’t clog your pores.
?this is a very loose term because even the most natural ingredients (e.g. coconut oil, shea butter etc.) can be comedogenic ingredients
?each persons skin is different and will react differently with each ingredient

100% Natural [4:12 – 5:31]
?Products with 100% natural on the label only means that the specific ingredient added to the formula is 100% natural
?it does NOT mean that the entire formula is 100% natural
?Tip: look at the ingredients list to see what other ingredients are in the formula

Cruelty Free [4:13 – 9:17]
?Cruelty Free International: Leaping Bunny (Intl.)
?Peta: Beauty Without Bunnies (USA)
?Choose Cruelty Free: Not Tested on Animals (Aus.)

Fragrance Free [9:18 – 10:13]
?Fragrance free: no added artificial fragrances, purely natural scents
?Unscented: chemicals are added to mask other unpleasant scents

Dermatologically Tested [10:14 – 11:31]
?When products are tested over a period of time to measure the effectiveness

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