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Natural Hair Growth Hacks #shorts

Natural ingredients backed by science:

1. Topical Diluted Rosemary Oil: Small study showing similar benefits to rogaine (minoxidil)

2. Oral Pumpkin Seed Oil: 400mg daily found cause significant hair growth in men with hair loss

3. Topical Caffeine: Several studies in the British Journal of Dermatology showing benefit in hair loss

4. Oral Saw Palmetto: 100-320mg daily found to improve hair growth

5. Topical Peppermint Oil: Study showing 3% peppermint oil increases hair growth similar to minoxidil (non-human study)

These are great natural options, however, the only FDA approved OTC option is minoxidil! Hair loss is a complicated and frustrating condition for a lot of people with many underlying causes. The key with hair loss is that the faster you intervene, the better chance you have of getting your hair back – I recommend seeing a board-certified Derm ASAP

-Panahi Y, et al. Rosemary oil vs minoxidil 2%. Skinmed.
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