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You need blue light protection to fade discoloration| Dr Dray

Today’s video is about why you need blue light protection for fading skin discoloration and post acne marks. Some sunscreens can protect your skin from HEV better than others.
Sunscreens w/ iron oxides (Fitz phototype match in parentheses)
Avene mineral sunscreen fluid (4)
Cotz Natural skin tone (4, 5, 6)
Cleure tinted mineral (5, 6)
Altruist tinted (4)
Bioderma Photoderm AR (1,2, maybe 3)
DermaE BB cream
Fair: 1, 2
Light: 2, 3
Medium: 3, 4
Tan: 4
Deep: 5, 6
MDSolar Science mineral cream spf 30
Dermablend flawless creator multi use pigment drops
10N = 1, 2
Colorescience sunforgettable mineral shield (2, 3)
Cerave tinted (3, 4)
Neostrata sheer physical protection (1,2)
EltaMD UV physical (3)
Heliocare mineral tolerance fluid (1,2)
DRMTLGY SPF46 universal tint (3, 4)
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