Home Beauty NATURIUM by SUSAN YARA LAUNCH SCANDAL- An influencers honest perspective

NATURIUM by SUSAN YARA LAUNCH SCANDAL- An influencers honest perspective

We take a balanced look at the scandal surrounding the NATURIUM skincare launch and ask what impact this has on the influencer community.

Susan Yara has just presided over another influencer failed brand launch, declaring herself the owner of NATURIUM, having previously said how amazing their products were but claiming to know little about the brand. Today we take a look at the ethics behind the brand, answer the questions you may have had on the back of our last video yesterday and look at the lasting effects this could have on the skincare community.

Susan Yara has a fantastic level of experience when it comes to skincare and knows the industry inside out but yet still managed to fail spectacularly when she launched her own brand and unfortunately has brought in other influencers such as Hyram and James Welsh in the fiasco by including them in the launch.

I created this video to put the record straight on my own review and to discuss the issues surrounding the influencer community, not to personally attack susan yara or any other influencer. I would appreciate it if all comments remained respectful.

Brands mentioned:

The Ordinary

Wherever in the world you are we hope your staying safe and well and our normal upload schedule returns tomorrow with a fun look at whether the best reviewed brands at Sephora are worth their rating.


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